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Birthdays, Wedding, Graduation Charms

Italian charms for most important moments of your life. These not only perfect gift for friends and relatives, but also good memory for you. You can find Italian charm for any occasion- birthday, wadding, graduation, baby birth, engagement and more.

Birthdays & Wedding: 61 items
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Whimsical Retirement Laser Charm
Whimsical Retirement Laser Charm
Whimsical Retirement Laser Charm
Celebrate someone’s retirement in style with this unique and very entertaining Retirement Laser charm. This charm features the word “Retirement” in adorably wacky bubble letters across, a cake with candles above it, and a cartoon of a lady with a noise maker in her mouth in the right-hand corner. This charm is sure to please and you will especially love the fine detailing made by our detailing laser-beam on high-quality stainless steel.
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